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Address: 510 King Street East,
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 905.960.8370
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Fine Art - Abstract Acrylic Paintings for sale by

Fine Artist Lori Mirabelli

"I never thought I would grow up to be a fine artist let alone an abstract artist.  Creating acrylic abstract paintings didn't start until my late 30's. I just knew that I was destined to follow my own path and if the path wasn’t always there, I made my own.  Fine art was my guiding light".

As an abstract artist, I always try to stop and reflect on where I have been and where I want to go next, especially with a great cup of coffee!  Creating fine art abstract paintings for me is a way of life. It's my everything.  Having a live work studio means I am surrounded by my abstract acrylic paintings all the time.  It's one of the perks of being a Fine artist. 

Lori Mirabelli is an established Canadian Fine Artist.  her medium of choice   She is originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. She studied Psychology and Visual Fine Arts at the University of Laurentian, and even though she wanted to pursue a career in fine art, she went on to work in the field of child welfare.  

-Popular Painting-

Despite her full-time career, she continued to nurture her love of abstract painting and in 2009, decided to relocate to Toronto, Canada to pursue a career as an fine artist.  Currently, Lori resides in her Downtown, Toronto studio-loft. Lori works primarily uses acrylic paint on canvas, however she is known to work oil paints and cold wax as well. Her body of acrylic abstract paintings are comprised of strong bold lines and geometric form that is coupled with an emphasis on space. As an abstract artist, her specialty is creating large scale acrylic abstract paintings for homes, corporate offices, vacation properties and boutique businesses.  In a few short years, Lori has grown and evolved as an accomplished fine artist. Art collectors and Art dealers who follow her painting career say that Lori’s body of work is always evolving.   Her acrylic abstract paintings are a refection of her personal thoughts, emotions, struggles, and triumphs.  A biographical visual novel perhaps might be a better way of explaining this.  With each brush stroke she releases a part of herself cleaning and purging what is no longer necessary and opening herself up to what should have been. She does have abstract art for sale directly through her online Art gallery or you can always attend one of the Art galleries she is represented by.

In the artist’s words:


I continue to manipulate and push the boundaries of paint and mark-making, always seeking a final product that is “complete”.  You see the dilemma, right? Is there ever a completed abstract painting? How do I know when the last stroke is the last?

I have always felt a little bit out of place in this world.  A mish mash of this…maybe a little of that… and mixed with a whole lot of everything else.  But somehow, with every wrong turn I made in my life, I’ve ended up here. And “here”, frankly, is a pretty darn good place to be. 

My acrylic abstract painting is a riddle that I’m always trying to solve…my quest and longing for that perfect completed piece of art; a metaphor for my entire state of being.  I wonder what would happen should I ever paint that perfect piece of artwork…

If you haven’t already been following my journey, join in and let’s see if that metaphorical, perfect abstract painting can be created or maybe it already exists.     


                                                                                                                          Lori Mirabelli