• Lori Mirabelli

Elizabeth Gilbert on Distinguishing Between Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, & Vocation

Updated: May 20

Tip #2 - my brain rarely works in sequential order, so bare with me. For so many of my early years, and sometimes even now, being an abstract artist is still sometimes viewed as a hobby. I've never like that term as I feel it minimizes all the effort that I put into creating abstract paintings . I do have hobbies, but creating abstract paintings always felt different to me, not to mention the time and dedication I pour into this creative process (7 days a week).

I found this great YouTube video that articulates the differences between all four: hobby, job, career and vocation. So my tip for all you fine artist just starting out is watch this video. Then ask the question, is being an Abstract artist a hobby, Job, Career or Vocation for you?

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