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Address: 510 King Street East,
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 905.960.8370
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Copyright © 2020 by Lori Mirabelli

Affordable Acrylic Abstract Art Paintings for sale

If you have been following my journey you already know that my style is always evolving.  Being an abstract artist takes discipline and hard work, so I put myself on a "sort of" time out,  no more playing around and coming up with a new style every week, at least for now. My goal for this year is to keep working in the same style for one year.  Perfecting my technique to create a large cohesive body of abstract art paintings and start opening myself up to the possibilities of what this new endeavor could bring me. I believe we have to keep challenging ourselves in order to keep moving forward.  My acrylic abstract paintings to me are about movement, space, and exploration.  When I look back over my years of making abstract art, the diversity blows me away.  I've decided to sell some of my earlier abstract paintings for an affordable price to you all.   Please have a look around my online Fine Art Gallery and don't hesitates to reach out if you have any questions.  If you are interested in seeing any Fine art paintings below in person, you can always book a time to pop over to the art studio.